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One of the best reasons to wear jewelry is to have gems with you always.

Join me for a Gem Connect reading to learn which gems are most beneficial for you in this moment.

As a jewelry lover, you are undoubtedly attracted to some gems more than others; there’s a reason for that.

Gemstones and crystals have a resonance, a vibration, that influences our perception and can impact our energy field. In the same way that a vibrating tuning fork excites a specific guitar string: matching frequencies. 

What is Gem Connect?

Based on a correlation between the manner in which gems are formed in the earth and the human condition, Gem Connect identifies the gems best suited to help you.

Start by asking a question to focus on what is vexing you. The nature of your problem will fall into one of three categories related to gem formation processes- igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic. From there, we look at your approach to life and use the crystal shape, or molecular arrangement of the gem material, to find an archetype to balance or adjust your energies, creating an emotional shift.

Your gem selection can be used for either healing or learning experiences.

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Judy Parady

jewelry maker and gem intuitive

I recognized long ago that the chance to work with gemstones was a big reason I pursued a jewelry-making career. I also smugly feel that metal is the supreme material on the planet and melding the two muses into a single art form is magical for me.

Gem Connect is a fun and useful way for me to share this hands on experience with everyone. Follow me to learn more about using the geological properties of gemstone formation and crystal shape to find your gem ally.