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Line and Pattern

*Using Line. *How Line becomes Pattern. *Cultural patterns. *The work of Betty Cooke.

Image: Earrings by Alishan Design

Shape and Form

*Lessons on shape, form, and how shapes become forms. *Exercises to find "your" shape. *Keeping a notebook. *Designing with paper models.

Position and Cuffs

Where you place things matters. *Controlling Balance and Movement using Position. *Connecting with your audience through the seduction of jewelry. *The history of cuffs. *Designer Suzanne Belperron. *Build volume into your design with paper models.


* Expressing rhythm with chain design. *The difference between repetition and rhythm. *Learning about creativity from Jeff Tweedy. *Your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) as a Celebrity Style Icon

Image: Vintage necklace from the  Macklowe Gallery

Contrast and Pearls

Nothing is more contrasting than a smooth glowing pearl within a crusty shell. *Lessons on using Contrast to create emotional content, direct the eye and provide interest. *History of pearls, contemporary culture of pearl wearing, evaluating pearl quality.

Variety and Emphasis

Variety adds interest, while Emphasis lets you maintain control.

Image: Gabrielle Gould, Sculptural jewelry box, earrings, necklace inside


This series is about visual and actual texture. Exploring all the feels of jewelry design leads us to ask "Why do you make jewelry?" Take the quiz to understand yourself and your audience.

Image: Ana Margarida Carvlaho, Brooch: Bubbles, 2022

Unity and Balance

The essential ingredients for a successful design. *How each of the elements of design work to create unity. *Visual and conceptual unity. *Understanding Balance. *Designer Jacqueline Rabun.

Image: Love Distance rings by Jacqueline Rabun

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